Are you wanting to learn more about how you can create safe simple plant medicine for your family?

Want to know which herbs to use for common childhood illnesses?

Are you wanting to support your female hormonal cycle with herbs and nutrition?

You've already got it. Historically, women were the knowledge keepers. The sustenance providers. The guardians of birth and death. There is Wild Wombyn in all of us.


In this course we will work together to reclaim that birthright. You will learn how to create practical, nourishing, holistic plant medicines that can support you and your family. Over the course of our 6x hourly meetings we will explore things like nutrition, your cycle, herbs, preparations, gut health, nourishing recipes and more.

My Reclaim Your Wild Wombyn Program includes:

  • 6x 1 hour sessions

  • 15% discount in my Wild Wombyn Apothecary

  • 1x Iron Wombyn Electuary


Payment plans available upon application.

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