Image by Annie Spratt

Are you planning a pregnancy? Wanting to prepare your body for the sacred task of growing an entire being?


Have you experienced pregnancy loss and wanting to nourish and optimise your body before trying again?


Are you struggling to become pregnant?


You're not alone, preparing for pregnancy no matter your journey can be an all consuming task. My Prepared Wombyn Program is ideal for any woman wanting to prepare for a new baby. This program is designed to support women in preparing for conception both physically and emotionally.  I want you to feel supported no matter how your journey is unfolding.


During our time together, I provide personalised one to one support as you prepare to welcome your next babe into your family. Together we will explore common issues women face when trying to conceive, nutrition basics for optimal health, how your environment affects your fertility and health in general, gut health, supplements and herbs that can be used to optimise your conception.


My Prepared Wombyn Program includes:


  • 6x hour sessions

  • 15% discount in the Wild Wombyn Apothecary

  • A nourishing herbal electuary


Payment plans available upon application.